Shopping in the AstroShop -
Step by Step

Shopping in the AstroShop is secure and straightforward. You will be led through the ordering process step by step. Take some time to read the instructions on the pages carefully. The little icons contain help texts for the respective elements.

Basically, the following steps are necessary for purchasing a horoscope:

  1. Choose your article in the AstroShop
  2. Enter birth data or select data from your list
  3. Enter your address
  4. Select a payment method
  5. Follow the payment process (for payment by credit card)

If you have purchased anything in the AstroShop before or if you have created a registered user profile for the Free Horoscopes, your data (address, birth data etc.) should still be stored on We do not store your full credit card information which is always forwarded directly to the bank which processes your request (Astrodienst only stores part of your credit card information in order to be able to identify the card in case any problems should arise). Sensitive data are transferred via secure connection (ssh). This procedure allows us to ensure maximum security.

If you wish to get an overview over the complete procedure before you start shopping, you may read the explanations below.


1. Choose a Horoscope

  • All purchasable items are described in the AstroShop where you can also read all relevant details about a product as well as sample horoscopes. Having informed yourself and decided on a horoscope, please click on the link "Order it"
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2. Enter Details

  • If you have never entered any birth data at, this is what you have to do here (step 3).
  • If you have visited before and have created a registered user profile, your data are likely to be still stored. In order to get to the registration and login page, please use the link My Astro at the top of the page.
  • If you are logged into your profile, you can see your list of birth data. Select a person from your list or click on "Add a New Person".
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3. Enter Birth Data

  • All horoscope interpretations at Astrodienst require exact birth data. Enter these in the form and click on "Continue". If you have created a chart on before, your birth data are likely to be still stored. Log into your profile (Menu: My Astro).
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4. Article Details

  • Would you like to receive the horoscope online as a PDF file without shipping costs, or do you wish to order a printed and bound copy? This is the place to change the delivery options.
  • You can also enter the number for a coupon. It will be deducted from the sum total automatically.
  • Then click on the button "Put into shopping cart".
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5. Shopping Cart

  • You now see a list of the items in your shopping cart. If you have entered your address before, it will also be shown (in this case step 6 is skipped).
  • At this stage, please check again, if you have chosen the horoscope and delivery type you wish, and if the birth data are correct. Then click on "Continue to checkout".
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6. Address

  • To be able to process your order, we need your address and some other data. These will be stored in a profile which you can access at any time via the "My Astro" menu. Purchased E-Horoscopes can be accessed in this profile.
  • With your e-mail address and a password of your own choice, you can access your data from any computer with an internet connection.
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7. Payment Method

  • Choose your payment method. If you select "Credit Card", please note that your credit card details will not be requested until the end of the ordering process.
  • Click on "Continue"
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8. Checkout

  • Check your order once more. If everything is correct, click on "Place your order".
  • Credit card details will be asked for directly after this step.
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9. Credit Card

  • Enter your card type and number, the name on the credit card, the expiry date and the 3-digit security code (on the back of your credit card).
  • The complete transaction will be processed via secure internet connection (ssh). Astrodienst does not gain access to your full credit card ifnormation. The complete data are only transmitted to the processing bank.
  • If, despite all security measures, you do not wish to communicate your credit card information online, please click on the link below the "Continue" button ("... by fax or postal mail ..."). The instructions for this method are given on the following page.
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10. Processing of Credit Card Data

  • If you pay by credit card, the next step depends on your type of card. At this stage you will be connected directly to your credit card company; Astrodienst has no access to or influence on this transaction. Consequently, we are unable to give you any instructions on this step. Please follow the instructions given by your credit card company.
  • After payment is completed, you will be redirected to the Astrodienst shop, where you will receive a confirmation of your order.
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11. Order Confirmation

  • After a successful order, you will receive a confirmation from the AstroShop as well as an e-mail to your e-mail address.
  • If you have purchased an E-Horoscope, you will find a link on the confirmation page to gain access to your horoscope.
  • You can access all E-Horoscopes from your "My Astro" profile.
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12. Problems

  • Should you meet any problems with your order and be unable to find an answer in the FAQ, please contact our order department:, Tel. +41-44-392 18 18
    (Mo- Fr, 9h-12h, 14 h-17h, Swiss local time)
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13. Complaints

  • Despite all the care we take, we do occasionally make mistakes, as do our customers. In such a case, please do not return the item in question (unless we ask you to do so). A data error can usually be tracked in our files. A computer error can be looked into using a copy of "datasheet" in the horoscope.
  • If the error has occurred during processing within our company, we will of course send you the corrected version free of charge. If the error can be traced to the person ordering, we will send a corrected version at 25% of the original price plus shipping costs.
  • Errors in telephone orders are accounted for by the customer, if the data given for the product are identical with those we have noted. If this is too high a risk for you, please order via internet, fax or mail.
  • A later cancellation of an order which has already been processed is not possible. Should you find that you have ordered something you don't want after all, we will not refund. Please do consult the sample texts and inform yourself before you order.
  • Contact for complaints:
    Tel. +41-44-392 18 18 (Mo- Fr, 9h-12h, 14 h-17h, Swiss local time)


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