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Redesign website (Read 137 times)
Karin Hoffmann

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Redesign website
« on: 23.08.2021 at 18:03 [UT+1] »
The Astrodienst website is once again getting a major update. We will launch the redesigned website this Wednesday afternoon (8/25/21) in English and German for the time being. The other languages will follow.  
We have modernized the site and adapted it to the current visual trends. The navigation has also been redesigned. On wide screens, it will have a top-level navigation as before, supplemented with a new side navigation that now provides access to all sections and entries on all pages. The side navigation is the main navigation in mobile devices with narrow screens. It is accessed via the familiar  icon.
The access to the forum is now in the menu item All about Astrology (top level navigation) and can be found via the side navigation (see image).
Please feel free to post feedback on the new layout in this thread. If there is a functional problem somewhere, please send it to us with the link report a problem (link in the page footer).
We hope that everything goes well and that you like the newly designed site.    
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Furkan Topal

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Re: Redesign website
« Reply #1 - on: 28.11.2021 at 02:49 [UT] »
First of all, I got a mail few days ago about astro.com now is Turkish also, and I do really appreciate it.  
As for the design, maybe because I was in prison for 1.5 yrs on my second arrest and this month I was released, (I mentioned this story in one of my posts, you can see in my profile) I didn't realize the change of the site at first or maybe I realized but I directly complied with it and then quickly forgot what was like before. When I saw your photo above, more things evoke. Though you brought some innovation, it's good to not be detached from also your own dignified website shape. Well, I'm telling this as a feedback then; I discovered more things with this new design. Here has so much information that categorization is really important. You already exceeded the hardest part: gathering information and pouring it to code software. So just categorization thing remains for the rest of it. And this new website designed helped me more than before. Bur still I find a bit complicated though. I think especially for the newcomers, it might be a bit intractible.
And no wonder why I'm a new member of this forum right now (joined 4-5 days ago) although I use this website for 2.5 years. Forum section absolutely needs to be highlighted.  Right now it's better than before surely, otherwise I wouldn't see probably as I was doing before, but my point is it should be hightlighted at the top, right next to All about Astrology part or there's a striking are at the top right. Right next to the search. Forum should be highlited above.
Thanks for your efforts. This site is the best on astrology.
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