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For personal horary questions and discussions of horary's astrology techniques, including event and election charts.
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Health Horary: Do I have asthma?
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ScorpioAscendant 21 Today at 01:23 [UT] By: Waybread
Will I get the job? White Eagle 10 Yesterday at 21:31 [UT] By: White Eagle
I really need some help with these one :( Checkmate 14 Yesterday at 12:20 [UT] By: Checkmate
Will I get this job at least now? Fly High 0 Yesterday at 08:05 [UT] By: Fly High
Will I receive the action I want? SunnyCap 4 23.01.2022 at 14:12 [UT] By: SunnyCap
complication in surgery what is the outcome perfectionist 8 23.01.2022 at 05:04 [UT] By: Spica
Moms house trainer 19 23.01.2022 at 02:45 [UT] By: Waybread
Career and financial uncertainty Gemini Delight 2 22.01.2022 at 22:46 [UT] By: Wings
Please help...highly sensitive matter. Checkmate 13 22.01.2022 at 16:44 [UT] By: Checkmate
Will I stay in my current job Moonlight85 3 22.01.2022 at 15:08 [UT] By: Moonlight85
Will I start in weekendshift? rosewater 1 22.01.2022 at 14:45 [UT] By: zed234
Re: Will me and D reconnect? WildFire22 0 22.01.2022 at 13:47 [UT] By: Carabas
Will I see J soon? Claire-Bee 6 22.01.2022 at 03:40 [UT] By: Claire-Bee
Why now?  Confused Claire-Bee 9 21.01.2022 at 23:25 [UT] By: Spica
Will they hire me? safa007 1 21.01.2022 at 20:54 [UT] By: safa007
EVENT chart - Abduction HereNow 4 20.01.2022 at 19:02 [UT] By: HereNow
Will she sell by March 1st? PolinaP 9 20.01.2022 at 02:28 [UT] By: PolinaP
Will we be together again... Jenna J. 5 19.01.2022 at 14:49 [UT] By: zed234
Will I move abroad in 2022 Ayla Maria 3 17.01.2022 at 09:45 [UT] By: Ayla Maria
Should I reach out to my former boss for add.work? Hikorosan 10 17.01.2022 at 04:01 [UT] By: Wings
will they move out this year?
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Hikorosan 25 16.01.2022 at 18:39 [UT] By: Hikorosan
The best time to apply for a visa Dinka 1 15.01.2022 at 16:24 [UT] By: Dinka
Advice June Wright 1 15.01.2022 at 14:28 [UT] By: HereNow
Election chart advice needed Julie A 3 14.01.2022 at 23:07 [UT] By: zed234
Will I benefit from joining this group? insertnamehere 5 14.01.2022 at 17:06 [UT] By: zed234
confusing guy- help by horary question Sky Doll 13 14.01.2022 at 05:01 [UT] By: zed234
Please check my job question interpretation Ju Ki 13 13.01.2022 at 02:07 [UT] By: Ju Ki
Will I get the job? White Eagle 1 12.01.2022 at 21:57 [UT] By: White Eagle
Re: Will he like me when we meet? Waybread 3 12.01.2022 at 17:10 [UT] By: zed234
Will our Baby be born until sunday 09.01.22 ? Scorpiiio 2 12.01.2022 at 16:05 [UT] By: Spica
Will we be a couple again? sweetie71 16 12.01.2022 at 15:42 [UT] By: Laura
will my wounds heal okay? (got into a accident) nicolexoxox 3 11.01.2022 at 17:33 [UT] By: nicolexoxox
PLEASE HELP! Father's health _Lioness_ 9 10.01.2022 at 15:25 [UT] By: zed234
Will I get this job? Checkmate 7 07.01.2022 at 23:02 [UT] By: Leonis cor
What age will I get married? Alfita Melinh 0 07.01.2022 at 23:01 [UT] By: Alfita Melinh
Change of job lija6 3 07.01.2022 at 09:18 [UT] By: lija6
how does he feel about me ? (friend) astrobabe 3 06.01.2022 at 22:18 [UT] By: zed234
Is my mother safe? May Belline 14 05.01.2022 at 19:53 [UT] By: Wings
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