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Color Oracle

Select the color you find most pleasing. Pull it into field 1.
The Color Oracle only works if JavaScript is activated in your browser.

Here's how it works:

1. Look at the 25 colors and select the one you find most pleasing right now. Pull this color into the first empty field at the left of the top row.

2.Now select the color that you find most unpleasing right now. Pull this color into the first field at the left end of the bottom empty row.

3. Now look at the remaining colors and again choose the most pleasing and the most unpleasing one and put these into the next empty field of their respective row. Repeat these two steps until all the fields in both rows are filled.

4.When you are finished, click on the button "Continue to Interpretation". Then you will receive an interpretation of your color selections.

5.The interpretation, based on the Color-O-Scope color test by Johannes Schneider, describes your current situation, your personal focus and your behaviors and gives you clues as to how you can deal with these constructively.

From the same author Johannes Schneider comes the Color Horoscope, an interpretation of your birth horoscope combined with elements of color psychology. Here you find your personal, free try-out edition.