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Horoscope Analysis

by Liz Greene

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Author: Liz Greene
Volume: 18 - 25 pages A4.
Available languages: English, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian

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What do we choose to do in the face of a pandemic, a threat of severe economic hardship, an enforced limitation on freedoms we have taken for granted, and a world in which we are losing faith in structures, institutions, and leaders? Do we try to find a culprit ʺout thereʺ? Or do we take the time to pause, look within, and face with honesty and integrity those ancient and apparently outmoded 'sins' – Envy, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Deceit, and Apathy – that drive us to ideas, attitudes, and actions that enhance, rather than lessen, fear and destructive behaviour?

As individuals, we have far greater power than we might realise. We ourselves create the future, action by action, word by word, drop by drop, year by year, and decade by decade.

Liz Greene, 2021

Face your own ʹsinsʹ and find the strength and means to create your future with Liz Greeneʹs horoscope "THE SEVEN SINS".