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Welcome to Astro-Wiki by Astrodienst.

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AstroWiki by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology. It collects the knowledge of the astrological community and makes it available to everybody. Everyone can read Astrowiki without the need to register.

To seed the wiki instead of starting with an empty one, Astrodienst has acquired the right to re-publish the content of two astrological printed encyclopedias published in Germany. They were translated into English by Astrodienst. This is the reason why currently a lot of the content refers to astrological schools and techniques popular in the German speaking countries. We are sure that this will change with the future development of AstroWiki.

While everybody can register (create an account), this has little additional advantage. The only additional feature for registered users is access to the 'special pages' and the possibility to take part in the discussion pages. There you can make comments or propose additional wiki content, though only the user group with 'editor' status can make changes to the wiki articles or add new articles.

Zodiac from Matfré Ermengau[1]

How do you become an Editor? By having an administrator give you Editor status. We welcome new editors capable to contribute to the encyclopedia.

In this tutorial you learn more about it.

Attention: The various wikis by Astrodienst are independent of each other. Registrations for one wiki are not vaild for another. The registrations are also completely independent from the registrations at the website or in the Forum of Astrodienst.

Currently we have three wikis:

Notes and References

  1. Source: Breviari d'amor et Lettre à sa soeur