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Yogastrology: the abdomen (Virgo).

Virgo yoga A27_109.gif is practiced in conjunction with Yogastrology. Virgo governs the lower abdominal area and its portion of the digestive system. These areas of the body benefit from forward bends and twisting poses anytime, especially when the sun is in Virgo.

Virgo yoga is a series of gentle forward bends and twisting poses with a squeeze-release-squeeze-release repetitive pattern believed to flush toxins from the body. Repetition of the pattern releases what no longer serves your highest good and absorbs what is nourishing.

The subtle body also responds to twists. Three primary channels, called nadis, reside in the subtle body. In twisting poses, the nadis cross and create the experience of peace. Gentle twists sooth the mind while stimulating vibrant health throughout the body. Forward bends and twisting poses honor the wisdom of the body.

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