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Synonym: Isolated Planet

An unaspected planet is one which has no major aspect linking it to any other planets. However, if minor aspects are also taken into account, it is very rare for a planet to be completely unaspected.

An unaspected planet is usually difficult for the horoscope native to integrate. Its energy tends to develop in isolation and waver between two extremes of expression: it can either be hardly noticeable, or is so dominant in certain situations that it overshadows the rest of the chart. Such a planet is comparable to an actor in an improvised play who has no interaction with his fellow actors. He may remain largely in the background so that the play unfolds without his presence being felt, or else his presence is so great that the other actors can hardly get a word in edgewise.

An unaspected Saturn can mean that the individual finds it difficult to plan for and cope with the practical aspects of everyday life. She may suffer from a lack of self-discipline, which impedes turning ideas into practice, because her Saturn has no major support or challenge from another planet. However, when an unaspected Saturn is activated by transit, the situation is often transformed and the individual can come under great pressure to implement an unacustomed strict regime of discipline. However, it is up to the individual to decide whether to achieve her desired goals, or to capitulate under the pressure and waits till the transit is over.

If a chart contains several unaspected planets, their influence tends to be less extreme and the individual is usually more able to cope with the tendency of each planet to go it alone. Several unaspected planets in a chart are more like soloists who still manage to form something resembling an orchestra.

The qualities that often cause difficulties with unaspected planets are also their source of strength: the energy which develops largely in isolation without regard to the other planets can end up being expressed with great originality.

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