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An aspect of 120 degrees between two planets.

It is considered to be a harmonious aspect.
Planets that form a trine to each other usually stand in the same element but in a different quality.

The trine encompasses one third of the zodiac circle and is therefore often associated with the divine number 3 in number mysticism. It appears to be a cosmic gift in the horoscope.


The trine is usually experienced as supportive and helpful. The flow of energy between the planets involved is unimpeded. The supportive energy of the trine comes naturally and does not need to be earned. The trine could therefore be considered a place of relative calm in the horoscope which does not have to be fought for. This is not only important for an individual's wellbeing, but is also important in that it enables the individual to concentrate her energies elsewhere.

However, if trines dominate the horoscope, there is a danger that the individual may lack the motivation to work on his own development. Everything may seem so pleasant and easy-going that he sees little need to change anything.