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  • 1) A factor in the horoscope that initiates a new process or event
In the case of transits of the Trans-Saturnian planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, a new process may be felt for some time; this may last one to three years. An additional trigger will intensify or trigger the process before a particular theme becomes apparent. Examples of such catalysts are new or full moons or transits of Mars.
  • 2) A natal chart shows the positions of the planets at the time of a person's birth. It shows the seeds of energies present which seek expression during the course of an individual's life. When a particular horoscope factor is "touched" by a transit or progression, it is said to be "triggered".
This trigger activates the horoscope factor in question and highlights the themes associated with it. It is a time in which the individual can gain a better understanding of a part of her personality and possibly discover new aspects of it. The time may also have come for a thorough transformation.

The different predictive methods describe the timing and quality of the triggers. The theme is indicated by the horoscope factor involved, the nature of the trigger indicates the way in which this factor is affected. However, a trigger should not be seen as the causal factor for any particular events. Triggers do not necessarily indicate striking events, although such events will be reflected by them.

Important events can occur during transits of the slower moving planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, or are indicated by secondary progressions or eclipses.

Triggers may affect event charts such as a country's national chart, too. The horoscope of a particular share on the stock-market will also indicate gains and losses over time and the various triggers can notify how they may happen. Triggers affect partner horoscopes such as the Davison relationship chart and midpoint composite horoscopes. Again, when a process is long-term in nature, additional triggers such as Mars or full and new moons often lead to concrete manifestations of the theme involved.


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