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Relative size of Trans-Neptunian objects

Trans-Neptunians are

1. Hypothetical Planets of the Hamburg School of astrology which are thought to exist beyond the orbit of Neptune (cf. our comments below).

However, the term also means

2. Various Dwarf Planets and their moons, and Asteroid-like objects beyond Neptune's orbit but still within our Solar System, mostly in the Kuiper Belt. Often abbreviated as TNOs, these objects are classified according to their gravitational and orbital characteristics. To date, astronomers do not classify any of them as regular planets

The two types are not identical.


While modern technology has verified the existence of thousands of Trans-Neptunian objects, the specific Trans-Neptunian objects that are used by the Hamburg School and Uranian astrology have not yet been discovered or validated.
Some members of the Hamburg School asserted that some of Witte's Trans-Neptunians may actually be the barycenters of clusters of Trans-Neptunian objects, and shun both the labels "planet" and "object" for this reason. Witte did however describe the colors of two of his inner Transneptunians, Cupido and Hades, in articles in an anthology.[1]

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Notes and References

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