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The third house


The third house describes an individual's immediate environment: siblings, relatives, neighbours, and how the person communicates with them. It is therefore also associated with all forms of communication and the media. Forms of transport and local travel are associated with this house, too.

In addition to the above, the third house is also connected to language and self-expression, intellect, learning and the acquisition of knowledge (education) – forms of linear thought which are linked to the left side of the brain as opposed to intuitive and holistic awareness which are linked to the right side and the ninth house.

On a more concrete level the third house is associated with physical gesturing, body language and a wide variety of forms of physical expression and bodily movement and the motor function of the physical organism.

The sign on the house cusp and any planets placed within the third house indicate how a person perceives his or her immediate environment and communicates with others.

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