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The World

Tarot's final Major Arcana key, The World is represented by the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Tav, meaning "sign" or "mark", and astrologically depicts the planet Saturn in its highest expression. Here, Saturn is not seen as constricting or limiting, but rather as a symbol of mastery and Cosmic Consciousness. The central figure, who is wearing a blue-violet veil, corresponding to Saturn in the 12-tone qabalistic color and sound scale [1], is dancing in air having learned how to balance the opposing cycles of involution and evolution and is surrounded by the four Fixed signs of the Zodiac, as also seen in Key 10, The Wheel of Fortune. But in this picture, the bull and the lion are facing outwards rather than inwards to indicate that the Cosmic Dancer is no longer afraid of them.

On the kabbalistic Cube Of Space[2] Tav/The World Dancer is the central inner point on which all the other connecting dimensions verge. After this attainment and mastery the spiritual aspirant continues his or her journey with a new cycle, climbing up to the mountain top as The Fool, ready to start the journey through consciousness again.