Tarot Wheel of Fortune

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Wheel Of Fortune

Tarot's 10th Major Arcana key, the Wheel Of Fortune represents, as its title suggests, the natural cycle consciousness, an understanding of which produces abundance. Astrologically, the key represents the planet Jupiter. The four letters on the outer rim of the wheel spell ROTA, which is Latin for wheel, and if read beginning with the T they spell TARO, from which the whole picture book of Major and Minor Arcana get their name. Jupiter, and this key, therefore, can be seen as the "master" key in the whole philosophy of tarot and much of metaphysics, corresponding to Jupiter's association with education, religion and the Higher Mind. The four Hebrew letters also seen on the outer rim of the wheel spell Yod Heh Vav Heh, the name of the deity in Judaism, sometimes translated in Christianity as "Jehovah".

The serpent descending on the left side of the wheel represents the process of involution of spirit into matter, whereas the jackal-headed figure rising from the bottom of the wheel on the right side represents the evolution of matter back again to spirit in the metaphysical discipline known as the "Path Of Return". This symbolism can also be seen in more modern esoteric philosophies formulated after tarot's invention and borrowed from it, for example in the doctrine of Theosophy invented by Helena Blavatsky and continued by Alice Bailey. The four angels positioned in the corners of this key represent the four Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, indicated by the Bull, Lion, Eagle and Man respectively.