Tarot Tower

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The Tower

Tarot's Major Arcana key 16, The Tower, represents the planet Mars. In the esoteric qabalistic tarot, this key associates the Hebrew letter Peh, which means "mouth" indicating that speech which is our real power, for good or evil. The Tower is the Biblical Tower Of Babel, which was a monument to false ideas about creation based on the illusion of separateness represented in the previous tarot key, The Devil. When the tarot keys are placed in the Tableau of three rows of seven, as described in Key 13, it can be seen that the tower is struck by lightening coming from the key above The Tower, which is The Hermit, so that the destruction of erroneous ideas is really an act of mercy rather than any sort of punishment. The male and female figures falling from the tower are our self-conscious and sub-conscious minds illuminated by the wisdom of wholeness.

The small flames beside the male and female figures represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac and 10 sephiroth respectively. The flames also represent the original Chaldean "Flame Alphabet" of esoteric principles.