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The Sun

The Sun is tarot's Major Arcana 19th key and represents the physical, spiritual and psychological associations of our master star, the Sun, which is the earth's source of light and heat, and is the source of all conditions on earth.

The realization that we are made up of the same molecules that were once stars and are sustained by the Sun's energy helps dispel any erroneous illusions of separateness, giving us confidence and innocence, like children and members of what esoterisists call the 5th Kingdom. The face on the Sun indicates that our central star is an actual consciousness, and the wavy and straight lines emanating from the sun represent "male" and "female" types of this consciousness. This symbolism might correlate to the scientific finding that light is both a series of particles and waves (cf. quantum physics).

The grey wall in the background represents the consciousness of unity, as do all grey symbols in tarot.