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The Star

Kay number 17 in the Major Arcana tarot series, The Star, represents the calm after the storm represented by the previous key, The Tower. Psychologically, it represents the process of meditation, and astrologically it represents the sign Aquarius. The central figure, which is sometimes shown as male and sometimes female, is naked to show that he or she is open to the teachings revealed by meditation on nature, and is free from any preconceived ideas based on the illusions of separateness. This freedom is associated with Aquarius' ruler Uranus. The red bird on the tree in the background is an Ibis, which is a fishing bird, and the Hebrew letter associated with qabalistic versions of this key is Tzaddi, meaning "fish hook". Both these images are associatied with the process of meditation which is like fishing in the waters of subconsciousness.

The familiar water-bearer symbolism also represents the social aspect of Aquarius whereby wisdom is distributed for the greater good of social organization. The seven stars surrounding a yellow central star could be seen as our Sun, a star, with solar system (traditionally seven planets), representing the discipline of astrology itself, or the Indian system of Chakras distributed throughout the body and activated by meditation.