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The Magician

In Qabalistic mysticism, the term magic has very little to do with the extraordinary, and most to do with the human psychological processes of concentration, astrologically signified with the planet Mercury. The Magician in Tarot is also associated with the Self-Conscious mind, the intellect, and the brain functions known in neuroscience to take place in the brain's frontal cortex. In tarot, male images always represent what modern, post Freudian psychology calls the Self-Conscious mind, whereas female images usually represent our Sub-conscious mind. The white band around The Magician's head symbolizes knowledge, so that as its circumference grows larger, so does the black area inside it, representing what we yet need to learn. The Magician's double edged wand or Fire element along with his both upward and downward hand gestures, symbolizes the esoteric and astrological aphorism attributed to Hermes Trismegistos, "As Above So Below"; the red roses growing on the arbor above his head signify desire, whereas the white lilies signify purity. The cup is the water element, representing imagination, the sword is the Air element representing action and the pentacle or coin is the Earth element, representing physical manifestation. Although this key is known as number 1 in the Major Arcana series, it is associated with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Beth, meaning "House".

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