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The Lovers

Key #6 in the Major Arcana of tarot, The Lovers represents the spiritual and psychological function of discrimination, or the ability to tell things apart, separating them by comparing them. This intellectual ability corresponds to the Zodiac sign Gemini and its astrological ruler, Mercury.

The key is associated with the Hebrew letter, Zain, which means "sword", since swords cleave things apart. A standard of occult law is that our consciousness in the outer world perceives opposites, such as night and day or good and evil, and the most obvious pair of opposites represented in this key is Male and Female. The man represents our self-conscious mind whereas the female represents subconsciousness, and together the imagery is similar to the Biblical story of the Garden Of Eden, where Eve, the woman, was tempted by the serpent coiled around the tree behind her, and in turn tempted her husband Adam to eat of the tree of the Knowledge of Good And Evil. The twelve flames behind the Man represent the twelve seeming ways of the light of the life power that affects human personality via the twelve Zodiac Signs.
The angel presiding over The Lovers is Raphael, the archangel of healing, and also archangel of the Air element.