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Key #11 in tarot's Major Arcana, Justice, corresponds to the Zodiac sign Libra ruled by Venus. On the Qabalistic Tree Of Life, this key connects the Severity/Geburah sphere to Beauty/Tiphareth, and balances the path of The Hermit, which connects the Mercy/Chesed sphere to Beauty. The spiritual principle illustrated is of course Karma or the result of action, represented by the female figure's red robes. The figure's green cape of Venus is the key to understanding the principle of karma and avoiding many of the misconceptions presented by fatalistic interpretations of the word. Venus rules imagination (Key 3, The Empress), and this means that we can adapt our responses to previously accrued karma through creativity. As Deepak Chopra puts it in his Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success[1], we can pay someone back a debt in different coinage from which it was borrowed.

The sword in Justice's right hand signifies action, and also discrimination, as Libra is an Air sign. It is Libra's careful weighing up and discrimination which pierces the veil of illusion symbolized by the purple veil behind her throne. On Justice's crown there is also a purple square correlating to the planet Saturn's exaltation in Libra.


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