Tarot Judgement

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Key 20 in tarot's Major Arcana, Judgement depicts symbolically the spiritual process of transformation associated with the planet Pluto. It is the Hebrew letter Shin, meaning "tongue" or "fang" and the actual letter looks rather like three tongues of flame, associating it with this Mother Letter symbolic of the Fire element.The angel is Gabriel, and the red cross on his banner is another symbol for fire. The grey male, female and child figures emerging from coffins indicate the complete transformation of self and subconsciousness from 3-dimenensinal experience into 4-dimensional awareness beyond time and space.

The angel's trumpet indicates the power of sound to both create and destroy, as in the Bible accounts of "the word" being in the beginning, and the dramatic destruction of Jericho by Joshua blowing his horn. In modern times, opera singers can demonstrate the power of sound by vocally intoning notes which are strong enough to shatter a wine glass, illustrating the vibrational quality of sound.