Tarot High Priestess

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The High Priestess

Esoterically, Tarot key #2 The High Priestess represents the feminine aspect of God, and according to the theory that mankind - the Microcosm is a reflection of the Macrocosm, or universe (Microcosm/Macrocosm)- the key also represents our spiritual feminine principle, the subconscious mind, represented in astrology by the Moon. In tarot, the Moon represents the feminine principle before it has united with the male of self-conscious principle, so that this key signifies this virgin substance or "mind stuff" in which the previous key's figure, The Magician, plants seeds of intention. The water flowing from the High Priestess also represents the subconscious streams of consciousness which flow through other images of the major arcana of tarot, and the book on her lap, inscribed with the word Tora, or "law" refers to the laws of the subconscious mind. The pomegranate images on the veil behind the central figure represent fecundity or fertility.

The High Priestess sits between the black and white pillars of Jachin and Boaz, corresponding to its path on the Qabalistic Tree Of Life on the central pillar, and connecting the top sphere to the central integrating sphere, Tiphareth, kabbalah's Savior principle. This symbolism is the root of the esoteric, and later religious doctrine that Jesus was born of a virgin. This key is associated with the letter Gimel in the Hebrew alphabet.