Tarot Hierophant

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The Hierophant'

Key #5 in the Major Arcana of tarot, The Hierophant represents hearing, both outer and inner. Associated astrologically with the Earth Sign Taurus, this key has many symbols of the ears and throat, in which the larynx, used in singing, is housed. Ruled by Venus, associated with the throat Chakra and thyroid gland, this sign and tarot key also represents physical growth and stamina. Although the Pope figure seems to be masculine, this key actually represents feminine or subconscious principles underlined by Taurus' Venus rulership and Moon's exaltation within. Rather than representing a visible form of rulership such as seen in the previous key, The Emperor, The Hierophant represents our inner hearing or intuition, which seems to come from within, sometimes perceived as an "inner voice". The two figures kneeling in front of the Hierophant represent our personality functions of intellect and desire, which must be submitted to this higher teaching from within.

The Hebrew letter associated with this key is Vav, meaning "nail". Nails connect objects together, so the imagery correlates well to the idea of Yoga, or Unity, realized through the inner, silent voice of intuition.