Tarot Hermit

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The Hermit

Tarot's Major Arcana 9th key, The Hermit, represents completion, as can be seen by the old man - Mercury having climbed the mountain and shining his light of wisdom down for all aspirants below him. The Hermit's service to others and solitude correlates with the sign Virgo, as does his staff, which represents Virgo's physical function of digestion. It is this Mutable Earth Sign's functions which transform energy in food to "light" or wisdom represented by the 6-pointed star lamp held by The Hermit, taking place in the small intestine. Mercury's rulership and exaltation in this sign indicate that it is correct selection and discrimination in food choices which affect both our physical and mental health.

The Hebrew letter associated with this key is Yod, meaning "finger", or sometimes "open hand". These meanings correlate well to Virgo's association with the sense of touch. A Yod in astrology is also an angle of five whole signs or 150 degrees, corresponding to the distance in the Tropical Zodiac between the beginning of Aries and the beginning of Virgo.