Tarot Hanged Man

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Hanged Man

The 12th key in tarot's Major Arcana, The Hanged Man, represents the outer planet Neptune and is associated with the Hebrew letter Mem, which means "waters". Mem is the second of the tarot series' "mother letters", each correlated with the Outer Planets, the other two being Aleph - The Fool and Uranus , and Shin - Judgement and Pluto.

The upside-down position of the central figure represents the inversion and suspension of consciousness which takes place in meditation enabling the spiritual aspirant to see "beneath the surface" of external appearances to the watery mind stuff which is the root of consciousness. Symbolically ruling astrology's Twelfth House and the sign Pisces, the Neptunian Hanged Man also represents sacrifice of the material world in favor of the non-material world. But the Hanged Man's attachment to the T-shaped tree of Saturn indicates that his body is still in this material world, if not his mind. The main theme of this key is that of reversing the illusions of separateness caused by our external senses.