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The Fool

The tarot image of The Fool represents how many people throughout the ages have conceived the idea of God, the Life Power or Super-Consciousness. The key is associated with the number zero or "nothing/no thing", the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph (Western alphabet's A), and the planet Uranus in astrology. Aleph is one of the three Mother Letters in the esoteric alphabet's notation, the other two being Mem and Shin, these three representing the metaphysical elements of Air, Water and Fire respectively, or "Divine Mind, Divine Love and Divine Will".

The Fool's position on the mountain top and loose clothes also signify freedom and liberation from any earthy constraint. The hermaphrodite figure's bag with the All Seeing Eye on it represents his/her conscience, and the white rose in his/her other hand represents purified desire. This white rose is also seen in tarot's key 13, Death, signifying the astrological exaltation of Uranus in Scorpio.

Astronomically, the design of The Fool key bears many resemblances to the constellation of Orion. The Fool's hands fit quite well with the positions of Rigel and Betelgeuse, while Orion's Belt would fit as the belt around The Fool's outer garment. The dog in The Fool key, which represents man's intellect, which is a friend to Super-Consciousness, would fit the position of the "dog star" Sirius.