Tarot Empress

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The Empress

Tarot's key #3 in the Major Arcana, The Empress shows a pregnant woman representing the spiritual and psychological principle of imagination. Astrologically The Empress is the planet Venus, the principle of love and desire. The pregnancy is the result of the marriage of the previous two keys esoteric principles, The Magician and the High Priestess, representing the Self-Conscious and Sub-Conscious mind. The wheat in the foreground represents the growth and abundance resulting from positive use of desire, while the red roses on The Empresses' dress, cypress trees and other green imagery mirror these principles.

The Empress is associated with the Hebrew letter Daleth, meaning "door" since she is really the door to life. On the kabbalistic Tree Of Life, this key connects Chokmah or Uranus, the sphere of light to Binah or Saturn, the sphere of limitation, illustrating how the principle of creation produces the physical universe.