Tarot Chariot

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The Chariot

Key #7 in the Major Arcana of tarot, The Chariot, is really a combination of all the spiritual and psychological principles represented by the preceding tarot keys and represents the idea of Will, or at least the illusion of it, which seems to come from inside the vehicle, or chariot of our souls, controlling the mind and the emotions.

This idea of a vehicle of the soul corresponds to this key's association with Zodiac sign Cancer, and the river shown in the background of this key emanates from the High Priestess' robes shown in Key 2, correlating to to this Water sign's ruler, the Moon. The charioteer's canopy is filled with stars indicating the receptivity to cosmic influences represented by Cancer's ruler, the Moon. And the concept of Will is again illustrated in this key's position on the Qabalistic Tree Of Life, connecting the black sphere, Bihah or objective reality, to Geburah or action/justice.
Although Cancer is a feminine, receptive sign, it is Cardinal, or initiating, corresponding again to this idea of Will.