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This is a very negative perspective on the experience of Chiron. It only focuses on the problems of the end of his life and not on the good that comes of the Chironic experience. The use of the word "disfigured" is inappropriate because he is perfectly formed for the being he is. Implying that being trapped between worlds leads him to surrender is also a negative way to look at this story. Why not interpret the story as that he instead transmutes the value of his life into a benefit for another being. His half brother Zeus does not "adopt" him. Perhaps Zeus is only trying to make up for the callous way he treated Prometheus?

My interpretation of the horse half is an untamed connection with nature. It's not a aspect of Saturn, but something Artemis would understand. It is the part of the world that has not been manipulated and controlled by man. It is pure wildness.

I disagree. The page was an eye opener to me. I thought it was spot on.