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I've grabbed this from the German Wiki. As translated by google browser. Experiment. It might be better to link it and let the browser translate. It seems that many of the entries might have been computer translated, considering the number of broken links and errors.

Bruno Huber was born on 29 11th 1930 at 12.55 clock in Zurich [1] died on 3 November 1999 in Zurich, was a famous Swiss astrologer . Contents [ hide ] 1 Biography 2 astrology 3 Publications 4 See also 5 sources Biography

Bruno Huber

Bruno Huber: Birth Horoscope

Radix drawn from the Huber method to cook-houses Back in 1947, with seventeen starts, Bruno Huber, to deal with astrology, astronomy, inspired by a professor who gets excited during his lectures against astrology. After military service in 1952 Bruno Huber takes a trip to Germany where he met Louise in Stuttgart, his future wife, who know and love, they married on 21 March 1953, two years later their son is Michael to the world. Bruno Huber is now studying psychology in Zurich and worked intensively with philosophy and esotericism. Existing astrological concepts Huber increasingly fueled discontent, as their deterministic approach could not be reconciled with his psychological expertise. He begins to astrological rules, the results compared to determine the psychological tests and develops his own concept of astrological concepts. This provides him with the theosophical-esoteric knowledge essential to his wife approaches. In the summer of 1956 the Huber family moved to Geneva to build the local center of Bailey's Arcane School to help. 1958/59, the Hubers move to Italy at the Institute of Psychosynthesis by Professor Roberto Assagioli. You will be instructed by it, to support him while writing the seminal "Handbook of psycho-synthesis". These arise from conversations with Assagioli astrological concepts for further investigations. At that time, Huber is also noted that the Koch house system is (GOH) for its purposes the most revealing. Also other concepts (intensity curve, age spot) date from this period, approximately 1961st 1962 the family returned to Switzerland. Matures in about 1967 Bruno Huber, the idea of becoming a teacher of astrology. On 12 March 1968 he holds the first lecture in Introduction to Astrology in a Zurich restaurant. This is considered the birth of the Astrological Psychology Institute (API). Bruno and Louise Huber henceforth offer lectures and courses in their psychological and esoteric method of astrology under the name of Astrological Psychology of. In the next three decades created a worldwide school of astrology. A heart attack in 1991 causes a gradual withdrawal from the leadership of Bruno Huber School, in 1999, he dies from the effects of cancer [2] . Astrology

Bruno Huber 1952 Bruno Huber was an internationally known personalities of astrology at the end of the 20th Century. Together with his wife, Louise Huber , 1952 he learned to know and with whom he has shared his life's work, he founded in 1968, the Astrological Psychology Institute (API) in Adliswil. There, in the intervening decades, taught thousands of people interested in psychological and humanistic oriented astrology, many of whom were trained as professional astrologers. The spiritual background of the system astologischen by Bruno and Louise Huber is the Psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli and Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey . Since 1981, Bruno and Louise Huber brought the bimonthly magazine "astrologer" out. Together, they developed their own method of Huber as Huber-school known. This mainly includes the age progression method ( age point ), which houses horoscope and horoscope lunar nodes . Bruno Huber's big concern is a non-deterministic approach to astrology, which is a prerequisite for understanding from his psychological development of human personality. Bruno Huber has written numerous astrologsiche books, many of them along with his wife, Louise Huber. After Huber's death in 1999 was head of the API to Louise and Michael Huber on. Publications

The man than I am. (Autodidacta study booklet) 1973 Galactic center and vernal equinox. (Autodidacta study guide No. 9). 1976 Intelligence in the Horoscope. (Autodidacta No study guide. 107) 80 pages. Astrological Psychology Institute, Zurich 1981, 1984 Pluto in the twelve houses. Contribution to the Astrological Psychology. (Autodidacta No study guide. 108) 60 pages. Publisher Astrological Psychology Institute, Zurich ISBN 978-3855231089 The personality and their integration. 141 pages. (Autodidacta study booklet) ISBN 3855239029 Development processes in the chart (No. Autodidacta study guide. 205) 74 pages. Astrological Psychology Institute, Zurich 1980 Love and contact in the horoscope. (Autodidacta No study guide. 901) 135 pages. Astrological Psychology Institute, Zurich 1981 4th ext. Edition in 1997 under the title: love and partnership in the Horoscope: Astrological Psychosynthesis . ISBN 978-3855239016 The personality and their integration. (Autodidacta No study guide. 902) 141 pages. Astrological Psychology Institute, Zurich 1984 With Louise Huber The man and his world. The twelve astrological houses as spatial structure. 139 pages. API-Verlag Adliswil 1975 ISBN 978-3855230020 Astrological Psychology - a new science. (Autodidacta Study No. 1) 30 pages. API third-Verlag Edition 1982 ISBN 978-3855231010 Horoscope calculation and chart drawing: how to create a self horoscope. 96 pages. Adliswil 1973; 1983 The personality and their integration. Astrological Psychosynthesis 141 pages. Api-Verlag second Edition 1996 ISBN 978-3855239023 Intelligence and work in the horoscope: Methodological principles of professional investigation. 144 pages. API-Verlag 1981, 4th ext. Edition 2000 ISBN 978-3855231096 Image aspect astrology. (By Michael Huber) 384 pages. Api-Verlag second Edition, 2006 ISBN 978-3855230112 The astrological houses. Derived from the natural representation of the twelve areas of life in their psychological significance for the individual. 210 pages. API-Verlag 1983, 1989; 6 Edition, 1993 ISBN 978-3855230068 Moon Node Astrology . (With Louise Huber) 328 pages. Api-Verlag second Edition, 1993 ISBN 978-3855230082 Astro Glossary, vol.1, AG. 320 pages. Api-Verlag 1995, ISBN 978-3855238071 Transformations . 368 pages. Api-Verlag 1996 ISBN 978-3855230099 third extended band: "The life clock in the horoscope". Astrology and the 7-rays. 224 pages. Api-Verlag 2006 ISBN 978-3855230143 The life clock in the horoscope - age progression . 416 pages. Api-Verlag second Edition 1997 ISBN 978-3855230105 (in earlier edition, 1981, 1990, three volumes) As a function of planetary bodies. 416 pages. Api-Verlag 2002 ISBN 978-3855230129 In addition, course materials for distance learning still. The books of the Hubers are mostly in English and Spanish and some French also available. See also

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