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A T-square in the chart

The T-Square is an aspect figure which is formed when two planets in opposition (i.e. 180 degrees apart) are both squared by a third planet. Both these aspects are considered to be so-called "hard" or "disharmonious" aspects, and the T-square intensifies this quality which makes it a very challenging aspect pattern.

The third planet is the focal point of the figure and could be said to carry the tension of the two planets that stand in opposition. It is also at or near the midpoint of these planets.


The intensity with which the themes associated with the T-square are felt by the native means that they cannot be ignored, forcing the person to take some kind of action. For this reason, there is great potential inherent in this aspect figure.

Another planet standing in sextile and trine to the two planets in opposition indicates how the tension can be relieved. Some astrologers believe that developing the "empty leg" of the T-square (the sign and house opposite the middle planet) is an alternative way to relieve its inherent stress.



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