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SAB Logo
Chart of the SAB's founding

The Swiss Astrological Association ("Schweizer Astrologenbund") was founded on the 18th January 1983 at 21.09 in Zurich.
The first president of the SAB was Bruno Huber. Its current president is Claude Weiss.[1]


The SAB is an inter-school aggregation of astrologers.
It differentiates between lay and professional members. Any individual is entitled to be a lay member. Professional membership can be applied for after at least one year's membership and the passing of an exam.

It is closely related to Psychological Astrology and distances itself from determinism and predictive practices. It considers its most important objective to be the "promotion of both astrology's potential to help individuals as well as its professional standing through education and the distribution of serious astrological material to a wider audience".
Seminars, courses and informational events are organised towards achieving this end.


Notes and References

  1. Weiss also publishes the periodical Astrologie Heute (Astrology Today)