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The zodiac signs[1]

Synonym: Star Sign

Common term used for the sign of the zodiac which the Sun was in at the time of an individual's birth.
If someone says, "I am a Leo," or "She is a Capricorn," he refers to the person's sun sign.

Sun signs are the basis of most popular astrology such as newspaper astrology columns, but professional astrologers see sun signs as too simplistic on their own to substitute for a full horoscope interpretation that includes all of the planets, houses/ axes and additional sensitive points.

"Sign of the zodiac" however remains the correct term, whereas the term "star sign" blurs the distinction between zodiac sign and star constellation.
Originally (about two thousand years ago), the star constellations were equivalent to the star signs.

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  • One major proponent of a focus on sun signs is Linda Goodman's Sun Signs (Bantam Books) which has been a perennially strong seller since it was first published in 1968
  • Kim Farnell wrote a historical overview on the topic: Flirting with the Zodiac. A True History of Sun-Sign Astrology, 256 Pages. The Wessex Astrologer Ltd 2007 ISBN 978-1902405230 Review on Skyscript (Phillip Graves, 2007)

Notes and References

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