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Symbol for the sextile

An aspect in which two planets are separated by an angle of 60 degrees.
The sextile is a "halved trine" and is considered to be a major harmonious aspect. The planets involved usually stand in signs which are naturally complementary (fire and air or water and earth) although many modern astrologers use out-of-sign sextiles, as well.


A key word for sextile is "excitement".
The trine relationship between two planets is so easily expressed that it seems natural and obvious, whereas the sextile contains some of the tension of the 2-series (which includes the opposition and square.)

As with the trine, the sextile usually indicates areas of life that go well for the person, but where opportunities can slip because the person may feel no pressure to develop his talents. The sextile represents a challenge to act, although the motivating factor is weaker than the analytical aspects in which the element of pressure is more prominent. When this happens the sextile merely functions as a weak trine. The sextile offers an opportunity to learn and expand one's horizons without the same degree of stress.


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