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A psychological term for an individual's subjective mental picture of his personality, body, and/or impression in the eyes of other people. A person's self-image is developed over time through a variety of factors, such as personal experience, direct feedback from other people, or inferences that the person makes about herself by comparative observations of other people.

Self image is a major theme in modern astrological natal chart interpretations. Many people suffer from low self-esteem, whether because their realities cannot match their high expectations, they were bullied as children, or branded as unacceptably different in some way. Through horoscope analysis astrologers can locate the source of such problems, and help people to attain a more realistic and affirmative sense of self-worth. For example, someone with sun opposite Saturn might internalize a lot of fault-finding, but can learn to use Saturn's constructive qualities of resilience and persistence in more positive ways.

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