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Dane Rudhyar
Rudhyar's birth chart

The French-American Daniel Chenneviere was born on 23.3.1895 at 0:40 in Paris, and died on 13.9.1985 in San Francisco, CA.[1]

He came to prominence as one of the leading authors in Spiritual Astrology, as one of the most important astrologers of the 20th century under the pseudonym of Dane Rudhyar[2].


At the start of the First World War he left his home city of Paris and moved to New York where he immersed himself in Buddhism and other Eastern religions and wisdom teachings. During that time he was also influenced by psychology and Theosophy.

Rudhyar managed an impressive synthesis of astrology, philosophy, psychology and art. He was a painter, composer, lyricist and, during times of financial hardship, an author of science fiction novels. He had to struggle for a long time before he gained recognition for his astrological work, which first really came in the 1960s.


He had a decisive influence on psychological astrology and emphasized the importance of individual personal and spiritual growth. His ideas were also noticeably influenced by Eastern philosophies, which view the individual within a greater transpersonal backdrop. He often described his own work as humanistic astrology. Rudhyar published hundreds of astrology articles and several books. He revised some of his earlier articles and books for republication later in life. The Astrology of Personality is considered to be his most important work.

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Chart of Elvis Presley drawn by Rudhyar[3]

Selected Articles

Mercury, Pluto, and the human mind
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National crises and the Saturn-Uranus-cycles
Two ways of love: Venus-Mars and Neptune-Uranus
The symbolism of the sun and the moon
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The 84-years-cycle of Uranus
Astrology and Free Will
Astrology and prognosis
The whole universe is depicted in the individual chart
Sun, Moon, and the Ascendant
The problems of astrology and statistics
A painting of Rudhyar's: "Stormgods"
On the chart of the USA (with 13° Sagittarius rising)
The horoscope's "heavenly" message
Should astrology be acknowledged officially?
Transits of Saturn, Revolutions of Saturn and transits of Neptune
How to discover your life's potential with astrology
The meaning of Solar Return Charts. Exemplified by Rudhyar's Uranus-revolution


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Pioneering work which was the first to link Jung's ideas with astrology
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Rudhyar with fourth wife, Leyla
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