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Reinhold Ebertin
Ebertin's Radix chart


Reinhold Ebertin was born on 2/16/1901 at 4.40 in Görlitz, Germany.[1] He died in the early morning of 3/14/1988, in Mirschlanden, Germany.

He is the most well-known member of an influential family of astrologers. His mother Elsbeth Ebertin (born on 14.5.1880 at 18.30 in Görlitz, died on 27.11.1944 in Freiburg) was an important proponent of the psychologically orientated astrology around the turn of the century. When he was five, Reinhold's parents divorced and he was placed in a foster home. During childhood and adolescence, his contacts with his mother were sporadic.

When he was 16, Elsbeth introduced him to his chart and to astrology, which proved to be a turning point in his life.
In his twenties he worked as a schoolteacher.
He met his future wife, Luise Engbert, at the Astrologers Convention at Nuremberg in 1929 and they married on 12/12/1929.
On the 11 May 1941 Reinhold Ebertin was arrested by the Gestapo along with his mother and other astrologers. They were released after several months in custody.

In 1983, he was widowed after 53 years being married.

Totally dedicated to a vegetarian diet, he also practiced yoga.

His son Baldur E. Ebertin continued his work.

The 90-degrees-dial[2]


On 10/28/1928, he founded the Ebertin Publishing House in Erfurt with the assistance and encouragement of his mother and worked as a journalist, writer, publisher and distributor of the "Ebertin Calender" and the astrological periodical "Der Seher" (The Seer). His first two books were entitled "Wege zum Horoskop" (Rapid and Reliable Analysis) and "Transite – welcher Tag ist günstig für mich" (Transits – what day is favourable for me?). At the end of his life he had written over sixty astrological textbooks. His work included 21 volumes translated into other languages, fifty annuals of Cosmobiology and forty annuals of Cosmobiology Yearbooks.

Alongside his work as a publisher he worked in the organisation of the "Arbeitstagung für Kosmobiologische Forschung" (Workshop for Cosmobiological Research) which he had established himself. Out of this grew the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kosmobiologische Akademie Aalen" (Consortium of the Cosmobiological Academy Aalen).
He was also the mind behind "Meridian", the official periodical of the German Astrological Association.[3]

He was early to reject any kind of determinism in astrology. Although he initially felt drawn towards the Hamburg School, he later distanced himself from it. In practical work he kept on using Alfred Witte's astrological midpoints, and a 4th-harmonic "90° dial" developed by the Hamburg School, though.

He sought to cooperate with branches of science and medical astrology became an important part of his work. Here he especially worked with the "Anatomical Correspondences of the Zodiac Degrees" as presented in the "Organuhr der anatomischen Entsprechungen" of Fritz Brandau.

His magnum opus is the "The Combination of Stellar Influences" which he had already finished in 1940 but had to wait until after the war to publish. His greatest and most truly original contribution here was his research in the field of medical astrology and his addition of more psychological correlations. He was also interested in distance values and heliocentric astrology.

Due to Ebertin's work, he is sometimes considered the founder of modern Cosmobiology as the term is generally known today, although the term had been previously used by Austrian doctor Friedrich Feerhow[4] and Swiss statistician Karl Krafft in a more general sense "to designate that branch of astrology working on scientific foundations and keyed to the natural sciences".

Ebertin in front of his books

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Published works in English

  • The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin-Verlag, Aalen, 1972. ISBN 0-86690-087-X Parts on Google Books
  • Cosmic Marriage
  • Transits: Forecasting using the 45 degree Graphic Ephemeris, translated by Linda Kratzsch, Ebertin-Verlag, Aalen, 1973. ISBN 0-88231-122-0
  • Rapid & Reliable Analysis
  • Fixed Stars & Their Interpretation (with Georg Hoffmann), 1971
  • Auxiliary Tables for the Calculation of the Stellar Positions
  • Astrological Healing, Samuel Weiser Books, York Beach ME, 1989. ISBN 0-87728-711-2
  • Directions: Co-Determinants of Fate, translated by Linda Kratzsch, AFA, Tempe, AZ, 1976. ISBN 0-86690-090-X
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