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Mutual reception: Saturn in Aries and Mars in Capricorn

Reception has several different meanings in astrology. Two planets in reception are linked, almost as if by aspect, without this necessarily being the case.

In traditional and horary astrology, reception happens when two planets appear in the degrees of one another's essential dignities. For example, Venus at 22 degrees of Gemini and Mercury at 20 degrees of Cancer can support each other or help to effect a positive outcome even though they make no major aspect because they are in each other's terms. Ideally they strengthen one another, although if one or both planets are stressed or debilitated in the horoscope, this benefit may not happen.

Mutual reception is usually a particularly strong type of reception. It occurs when two planets are in the sign of each other's domicile, i.e. in the sign ruled by the other planet. If both planets are in the signs of their detriments or fall, however, the advantage is probably lost. An example would be the moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer, because both planets are in the signs of their detriments.

Some of the older horary astrologers also required an applying aspect between two planets for reception to take effect.



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