Purpose in Life

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Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the more basic needs at the bottom[1]

Particularly in esoteric astrology (but also in psychological astrology) the widespread belief that each individual is born to follow a certain path and face unique challenges with the aim of fulfilling a particular purpose in life. The natal chart shows both the way and the goal.

In the narrower sense the Medium Coeli symbolises the goal in life in the sense of vocation and public image. The sun marks one's core sense of identity. The sun's house and sign indicate how one most effectively expresses this identity; while aspects to the sun indicate whether the process is likely to be easy or difficult. The North Node of the Moon shows where the person's growth lies. It may seem compatible with other chart factors, or suggest a seemingly out-of-character direction.

  • Psychological astrology sees the challenge as becoming aware of and integrating deficits, fears and difficulties, recognising their inherent potential and transforming them into strengths. The way to achieve fulfilment in life is to achieve a harmony between body, spirit and soul.
  • Esoteric astrology considers each individual's purpose to be part of something much greater. Its primary aim is to help the individual find his/her place within the cosmos. The true goal in life here is to recognise and accept one's own divine heritage. The planets of the "inner heaven" (according to Paracelsus) function as mediators between the human and divine spheres. The description in the Egyptian Book of the Dead is similar: "there is no part of me which is not of divine origin". This is not meant to be a statement of arrogance, but a reminder of the divine origins of all life which manifest in the material world.

Important stages on the way to fulfilment are marked by triggers such as transits. Important landmarks in an individual's development can also be revealed by progressions and solar return charts.

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