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CD from Robert Schmidt with results of Project Hindsight (2011)

Project Hindsight began in 1992-93 as a joint initiative of Robert Schmidt, Ellen Black, Robert Zoller, and Robert Hand.

Zoller and Hand subsequently left the project, which continues under the direction of Robert Schmidt, Hellenistic astrologer and translator.

Its imprint is The Golden Hind Press, and it operates as a subscription service.

The mission of Project Hindsight is to retrieve and translate astrology texts of the past and to teach traditional astrology, with a current emphasis on Hellenistic astrology.



by Robert Schmidt

(from Greek)

  • Vol. I: Paulus Alexandrinus: Introduction to Astrology. (Complete) 378 CE
  • Vol. IIa: (anonymus) On the Fixed Stars. 379 CE
  • Vol. IIb: Antiochos of Athens: Fragments from his Thesaurus. 2nd century
  • Vol. III: Ptolemy: Phases of the Fixed Stars. ca. 150 CE
  • Vol. IV: Vettius Valens: Anthology, Book I. 160 CE
  • Vol. V: Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos Book 1. ca. 150 CE
  • Vol. VI: Hephaistos of Theben: Compendium, Book I. 380 CE
  • Vol. VII: Vettius Valens: Anthology, Book II.
  • Vol.VIII: Vettius Valens: Anthology, Book III.
  • Vol. IX: Teaching on Transits. Four texts, presumably from Dorotheos of Sidon, Orpheus, Anubio and Vettius Valens.
  • Vol. X: The Astrological Record of the Early Sages in Greek. Early authors like Hermes Trismegistos, Nechepso-Petosiris, Critodemus, "Zoroaster", "Pythagoras", Timaeus, Thrasyllos, Balbillus and others. Review Vol.2 online (Joseph Crane, 2009)
  • Vol. XI: Vettius Valens: Anthology, Book IV.
  • Vol. XII: Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos, Book III.
  • Vol. XIII: Vettius Valens: Anthology, Book V & VI.
  • Vol. XIV: Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos, Book IV.
  • Vol. XV: Hephaistos of Theben: Compendium, Book II. 380 CE
  • Vettius Valens: Anthology, Book VII

by Meira Epstein

(from Hebrew)

  • The Beginning of Wisdom (Se´fer Re´shit Ho´khmah) (1998) ISBN 0-9662266-4-X
  • The Book of Reasons
  • The Book of Nativities and Revolutions ISBN 978-1-934464-01-4
  • The Correspondence Between the Rabbis of Southern France and Maimonides about Astrology


Demetra George: Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice. A Manual of Traditional Techniques (Volume II) - Delineating Planetary Meaning, 698 pages, Rubedo Press 2022, ISBN-10: 0995124558, ISBN-13: 978-0995124554