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A Foreigner in this world[1]

A planet is peregrine in horary astrology when it lacks any essential dignity. The planet need not be debilitated: it is peregrine if it does not occur in the sign of its domicile, exaltation, or within the degrees of its own triplicity, terms, or face.

If a peregrine planet is an important significator in a horary chart, it is probably too weak to confer the desired benefit, unless it is also accidentally dignified, such as through a conjunction with Jupiter on the midheaven.

Although modern astrologers usually do not interpret planets as weakened on account of their particular position within a sign, they may label a planet as peregrine if it makes no major aspects.

With either usage, a peregrine planet has a meaning similar to its Latin root, meaning a foreigner or wanderer. In a horary chart, a peregrine planet might symbolize a suspicious stranger, or an unusual, unsettling situation. In a modern interpretation of a natal chart, the peregrine planet may be very original and unique in its expression, but lacking in socialization or desire to fit in with other people.

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