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King and Queen[1]

Questions concerning the essence of a relationship are among the most important reasons for people to consult astrologers. In this field there are two basic approaches.

  • In Comparative Astrology, several different methods are used to compare two horoscopes, including Synastry, Davison Relationship Chart and midpoint composite charts. The composite and Davison charts indicate how two people function as a couple, rather than as two separate individuals.
  • Astrologers also examine the theme of relationships within a single horoscope. Several horoscope factors reveal an individual's partner image, the most well known of these being the Descendant. It indicates a person's innate ideals, expectations and hopes concerning relationships. Which energies a person invests in and seeks in relationships is shown by the zodiac sign on the descendant, the planetary Ruler of the Sign on the seventh house cusp, and any planets located in the Seventh House.

The concept of Anima/Animus is also significant for an individual's partner image. It reveals what kind of archetypal images are present in an individual's psyche concerning members of the same or the opposite sex, which may be expressed in an instinctive and unreflective way. The position of the Moon and Venus in a man's chart reveal his inner image of women, while in a woman's chart, the position of the Sun and Mars indicate her inner image of men.

This is not to say that a woman with Pisces on the cusp of her seventh house and Mars in Pisces will be attracted only to sun-sign Pisces men. Rather, the sign's qualities of sensitivity and acceptance will be important to her.

Notes and References

  1. Illustration from the alchemical Rosarium Philosophorum (13th century). The dove above the two signifies the necessary third (divine) contribution in order their relationship to succeed.