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Fortuna with the wheel of fortune[1]

Synonym: Pars Fortunae (Latin)

Symbol: a cross within a circle.

The PoF is the most widely used sensitive point in the horoscope, and one of the Arabian parts. These, however, were previously used by Hellenistic astrologers, who called them "lots".

There are two different ways of calculating the part of fortune. Both require converting the zodiac signs into segments of the 360 degree wheel. For example, Aries occupies 0 to 29 degrees. For day-time births, the sun's degree is subtracted from the sum of the moon's degree and the ascendant degree. For night-time births, the moon's degree is subtracted from the sum of the sun and the ascendant degrees.

The part of fortune symbolises the harmonious relationship between the conscious aims (sun) and subjective feelings (moon) and their realisation in the present moment (ascendant). It is considered to be a good luck factor in a horoscope.

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Notes and References

  1. Unknown Dutch artist, around 1465