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The ninth house


The ninth house stands for the search for meaning in life, whether through religion or philosophy. Both are attempts to expand consciousness, which can also be achieved by immersion in foreign countries and cultures. It is for this reason that the ninth house is often described as the house of long-distance travel, as opposed to its polar opposite the Third House which is associated with short distance journeys. In the ninth house we seek out unfamiliar experiences and yearn to broaden our horizons.

The sign on the ninth house cusp and any planets in the ninth house will tell us something about an individual's world-view. Morals, ethics and the system of law are also associated with this house, together with higher learning and universities.

Because the ninth house stands for thought processes of a more abstract and symbolic nature it is also associated with rituals and ceremonies which aim to condense and encapsulate reality and meaning.

Finally, the ninth house also stands for visions which either allow us to glimpse the future or even actively partake in its creation.

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