Medium Coeli

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Abbreviation denoting the Medium Coeli

Synonym: Midheaven

The literal translation of Medium Coeli (abbreviation: MC, Latin for: middle of sky) is Midheaven. The Medium Coeli's opposite is the Imum Coeli (Latin for: deepest of sky).


The Medium Coeli is the highest point of intersection between the meridian and the ecliptic and should not be confused with the zenith. As with every axis, the complete zodiac traverses the Medium Coeli once over a one-day period.


As the highest point in the horoscope, the Medium Coeli symbolises the area of life in which an individual makes their mark in the outer world. Because this marks the point at which an individual leaves the protection and privacy symbolised by the Imum Coeli when pursuing a career, the Medium Coeli and the tenth house represent an individual's profession, or, to be more precise, vocation. It stands for public or social standing. Contrary to the Descendant and the seventh house which stand for concrete relationships, the Medium Coeli and tenth house symbolise a relationship with a more undefined collective to which the individual makes some kind of contribution. On this subject, the Czech astrologer Milan Spurek speaks of an "aspect of personal authority which is regulated by the individual reflecting upon his or her influence within society."

In contrast to the Imum Coeli, which represents the past, the Medium Coeli points towards the future and the striving towards a particular goal.

The sign on the Medium Coeli indicates the kind of public image an individual has - or will strive for - and which qualities they will develop during the course of their life.

The Medium Coeli marks the beginning of the tenth house which is associated with the sign of Capricorn.

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