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Marc Edmund Jones (ca. 1940)
Chart of M.E. Jones

Marc Edmund Jones (1888-1980) was an US-American astrologer, screenwriter, occultist, and Presbyterian minister.


Born October 1, 1888, 8:37[1] a.m. CST in St. Louis, Missouri, he grew up in Chicago. Early influences were the Christian Science, theosophy, later the Kabbalah. He became a prolific and successful writer of movie scenarios, and worked in that profession for many years. In 1913 his lifelong interest in astrology was kindled. He founded the special-studies group known as the Sabian Assembly in 1923[2]. He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1934, and later received the PhD degree from Columbia University. He taught and lectured across the USA for many years. Jones died on March 5, 1980 (aged 91).


Marc Jones has been called the dean of American astrology, and is perhaps best remembered as the major leader in the twentieth century of a movement to reformulate the study of astrology. He wrote prolifically on many themes in astrology. Today he is best known for his work on aspect patterns and the Sabian symbols. In consultation with the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler, he discovered or invented these symbols as a means of associating specific visual images with each degree of the horoscope (channeled in 1925, and in 1953 published). In the 1970s the Marc Edmund Jones Award was started by him personally.


Jones teaching astrology
M.E. Jones


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