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Lynn, ca. 2015
Koiner's birth chart

Lynn Koiner was born on August 30th, 1945, at 6:18am EWT in Washington, D.C. (West End).[1]


She has lived in Silver Spring/ Maryland since 1963 where she today owns a breakthrough urban farm.
Initially studying Economics and Finance, after a life-altering reading with Catherine Grant, one of the founders of the American Federation of Astrologers, she began studying astrology with Catherine's husband Ernest, who became her mentor in the 1960s.


Lynn became a full-time professional astrologer in June 1969, and began teaching in the 1970s.
In 1981, she was one of the founding astrologers of the Amethyst Esoteric Astrology Group, giving free lectures on the works of Alice Bailey, as applied to Esoteric Astrology and psychology. She published a quarterly newsletter, The Amethyst Astrology Forum, from 1983 through 2002.
In 1990, after the Berlin Wall had come down, she began travelling to Europe annually, connecting with astrologers in that part of the world. After leaving the National NCGR Board, she became its International Liaison, writing Global Gathering columns on the history of astrology in European countries.[2]
In the 1990s, Lynn was the editor for the Baltimore NCGR and then president. Later, she joined the Board of the Annapolis NCGR, where she also became its president.
In 2009, she began teaching Medical Astrology for the International Academy of Astrology.[3]


Lynn has twice won the Simms Pounds Award for Best Conference Speaker.


Lynn's webpage features many of her articles that can be easily downloaded and shared. Her forum also allows readers to ask questions
  • NCGR Annapolis and Lynn Koiner Medical Sharing (Lynn's astrological Facebook pages)


  • Lynn was a contributing author on the Noel Tyl book, Astrology's Special Measurements. How to expand the meaning of the horoscope 339 pages. Llewellyn Publications 1993; 1994 ISBN 1567188648
Her article was on Transpluto; online: Transpluto Is Real![4]
  • Lynn's medical article on prostate cancer (2015) was also published on
  • She is currently publishing using a PDF Manual format from her website - with these subjects, partly being updated: Beginning and Ending Planets, Planets in the 12th House, The Numerology of Your Social Security Number and Your Career Orientation, Depression – the Acute Mars Dysfunction, Weight Loss and the Transformational Process[5]

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