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Liz Greene's classic

Recommended by Astrodienst and wiki-editors


  • Stephen Arroyo: Chart Interpretation Handbook. 181 pages. CRCS, Sebastopol (CA) 1989 ISBN 978-0916360498
Guidelines for understanding the essentials of a birth chart
  • Nicholas Campion: The Ultimate Astrologer: A Simple Guide to Calculating and Interpreting Birth Charts for Effective Application in Daily Life. Rider, 2003.
  • Margaret E. Hone: The modern Text Book of Astrology. 233 pages. L.N. Fowler, Romford 1951; 1969; 1972; 1973; 1978; 1990; C W Daniel Co Ltd, 1978 ISBN 0852433573; Astrology Classics 2010 ISBN 978-1933303352
Not so modern any more, but still one of the best introductions to astrology's basic principles


  • Stephen Arroyo: Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements 191 pages. CRCS, Reno (Nevada) 1975; 1979 ISBN 978-0916360016
An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts
  • Stephen Arroyo: Astrology, Karma and Transformation: Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart CRCS Publications, Sebastopol/ Reno 1978; 1984; 1992; 1993; ISBN 0916360032
  • Nicholas Campion: The New Astrology: The Art and Science of the Stars
Combines astrological and mythical interpretations of zodiac, planets and heavens, with cutting-edge astronomical theories
  • Reinhold Ebertin: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin-Verlag, Aalen, 1972. ISBN 0-86690-087-X
A classical work on short and precise interpretations - reference book for experienced astrologers
  • Alan Oken: Alan Oken's Complete Astrology: The Classic Guide to Modern Astrology. 640 pages. Bantam 1980, 1988
Most useful for its exploration of planetary symbolism, and for concise, insightful definitions of aspects
  • Dane Rudhyar: The Astrology of Personality - A Re-Formulation of Astrological Concepts and Ideals, in Terms of Contemporary Psychology and Philosophy 537 pages. 1936; Servire, Wassenaar 1963; Doubleday, 1970 ISBN 0385066996; Aurora Press, 1990 ISBN 978-0943358253; Kessinger Pub 2004 ISBN 978-1417978465
Pioneering work which was the first to link Jung's ideas with astrology

History of Astrology

  • James Herschel Holden: A History of Horoscopic Astrology. American Federation of Astrologers, Tempe (USA) 1996, 2006 (2nd edition), 375 pages. online (Google Books) Excerpt: "Arabian Astrology
From Babylonia 'til today
  • Nicholas Campion: Astrology, History and Apocalypse. CPA Press, 2000
This volume deals with the theme of astrology's use as a tool of global prediction over the centuries
  • Jim Tester: A History of Western Astrology. 1987, Ballantine Books
This book discusses all the key figures in the history of Western astrology from the Hellenistic period through the Renaissance, and does so with depth and subtlety
  • Peter Whitfield: Astrology - A History
Beautifully produced hardcover book, containing many colour pictures and full-page plates


  • Donna Cunningham: Healing Pluto Problems. 218 pages. Samuel Weiser, York Beach ME; 1986; 1992 ISBN 978-0877283980
A positive book, deep and with understanding
The psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope
  • Liz Greene/ Howard Sasportas: The Inner Planets - Building Blocks of Personal Reality. Samuel Weiser, Inc. (York Beach, ME, 1993.) ISBN 0-87728-741-4
Explores the mythical and psychological dimensions of Mercury, Venus and Mars
  • Liz Greene: Saturn - A New Look at an Old Devil Samuel Weiser, Inc. (York Beach, ME, 1976). ISBN 0-87728-306-0
Traces Saturn's influence through the signs and houses
  • Liz Greene: The Art of Stealing Fire - Uranus in the Horoscope CPA Press, vol. 7 (London, 2004) ISBN 1-900869-29-4
Explores the meaning of Uranus, in both its creative and destructive expressions. Part One: Uranus in the Birth Chart, Part Two: The Transits of Saturn and Uranus
  • Melanie Reinhart: Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective. 464 pages. Arkana 1989; 1998; Penguin 1999; Starwalker Press, 3rd edition 2010 ISBN 978-0955823107
Explores the myth of the wounded healer and explains the meaning of Chiron in the signs/ houses and in aspect
  • Erin Sullivan: Retrograde Planets - Traversing the Inner Landscape. Samuel Weiser, Inc. 2000
Detailed and substantial volume


  • Karen Hamaker-Zondag: The House Connection
How to read the houses in an astrological chart
  • Howard Sasportas: The Twelve Houses, The Aquarian Press 1985 (reprinted 2009)
Explains, in great depth, the meaning and relationship of the twelve houses of the horoscope


  • Karen Hamaker-Zondag: Aspects and Personality Weiser Books, 1990
Includes chapters on the psychological influence of aspects and aspect patterns
  • Bil Tierney: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis. New Perceptions in Astrology 1983; 1993 2nd edition. 277 pages, CRCS Publications ISBN 0916360180
Extensive book on all aspects, some aspect patterns, retrograde planets, unaspected planets, the hemispheres and the quadrants
  • Tracy Marks: The Planetary Aspects - From Conflict to Cooperation
How to synthesize opposing signs and houses, and techniques for mastering the T-Square

In-depth Astrology

The sign of Libra in the view of Johfra Bosschart

Astrology of Relationships

  • Reinhold Ebertin: Cosmic Marriage
  • Stephen Arroyo: Relationships & Life Cycles: Astrological Patterns of Personal Experience. 224 pages. CRCS Publications Sebastopol (CA) 1979; 2nd edition 1993 ISBN 978-0916360559
A lot of material on synastry and transits
  • Ronald Davison: Synastry, Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology 333 pages. ASI Publishers, U.S. 1977; 1978; 1980 ISBN 978-0882310169; Aurora Press Revised edition 1983; 1986; 1991 ISBN 978-0943358055
Comprehensive work
  • Liz Greene: Relationships - and how to survive them
Part one: The Composite Chart, Part Two: The Eternal Triangle
Article online: The Eternal Triangle (Greene, 1999)
  • Robert Hand: 1975, Planets in Composite. Analyzing Human Relationships, Para Research Inc. and Schiffer Publishing. ISBN 978-0-914918-02-8
Lucid and systematic
  • Marion March/ Joan McEvers: The Only Way to Learn About Relationships
Good synastry book - packed with charts of the famous, including composites


  • Reinhold Ebertin: Transits - Forecasting using the 45 degree Graphic Ephemeris, translated by Linda Kratzsch, Ebertin-Verlag, Aalen, 1973. ISBN 0-88231-122-0.
Special techniques for long-term forecasts
  • Liz Greene: The Horoscope in Manifestation. CPA Press, vol 9
Psychology and Prediction. Part One: Complexes and Projection, Part Two: A Psychological Approach to Transits and Progressions
  • Robert Hand: 2002, (rev. ed., 1976), Planets in Transit. Life Cycles for Living, Whitford Press. ISBN 978-0-914918-24-0
The definitive work on transits
  • Bruno and Louise Huber: Lifeclock - Age Progression in the Horoscope
Huber method of timing in the horoscope, including age progression
  • Babs Kirby, Janey Stubbs: Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns
A psychological and growth orientation to forecasting
  • Marion March/ Joan McEvers: The Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow
All the main methods of forecasting - progressions, directions, transits and solar and lunar returns

Moon's Nodes

  • Howard Sasportas: Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart. CPA Press, vol 10
Includes chapters on Vocation, The Moon's Nodes, and The Astrology of the Helper
  • Melanie Reinhart: 1997; 2004, Incarnation. CPA Press, vol 8. ISBN 978-1900869256
On the four angles and the Moon's Nodes

Locational Astrology

  • Jim Lewis/ Kenneth Irving: The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy
Demonstrates how geography impinges on the fundamental properties of each astrological planet and axis
  • Erin Sullivan: Where in the World? - Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation Charts CPA Press
Opens the door to understanding how the planets see us all over the world


Especially for old books
The American Federation of Astrologers has an extensive collection of astrology books and periodicals, all of which have been donated by members and friends of the organization. There are more than 7,500 books in the library, and more than 10,000 periodicals
Currently there are five major collections housed in CAELi:
   The Kepler College Maggie A. Nalbandian Memorial Collection — a robust collection, the impressive, former Maggie Nalbandian library forms the core of the holdings
   Michael Erlewine’s Heart Center Library — Regulus Award–winning astrologer Michael Erlewine donated this 2,000-volume collection at the closing of his own facility in Big Rapids, MI
   The Mountain Astrologer Library — TMA has donating their entire collection of review copies of astrology books (curated by Mary Plumb)
   The Sigrid Joel collection — a selection of 150 German astrology books from the 1910s–1970s donated by Dr. Linda Leaman. Astrologer Sigrid Joel came to the US as a survivor of Nazi Germany
   The Cynthia Smit collection — a robust collection from the estate of the late traditional astrologer Cynthia Smit from North Carolina

William Lilly

Ancient Latin Astrology Books

On Divination, etc.
  • Joachim Camerarius: De eorum qui Cometae appellantur, nominibus, natura, caussis, significatione, cum historiarum memorabilium illustribus exemplis, Disputatio atque narratio. Leipzig, Johannes Steinman 1578 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Hieronymus Cardanus: Libelli duo: De Supplemento Almanach. De Restitutione temporum & motuum coelestium. Geniturae LXVII insignes casibus & fortuna, com expositione Nuremberg, Joannes Petreius 1543 Digitalisat HAB Wolfenbüttel
  • Hieronymus Cardanus: In Cl. Ptolemaei De Astrorum judiciis, aut (ut Vulgo appellant) Quadripartitae Constructionis Commentaria. Basel, Heinrich Petri 1554 Digitalisat BVPB Madrid; 1578 Digitalisat HAB Wolfenbüttel
  • Johannes Carion': Iudicium de anno 1533, Wittenberg 1532 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Wenzeslaus Faber: Iudicium Lipsense. Prognosis for 1489. Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Johannes Garcaeus: Tractatus brevis et utilis, de erigendis Figuris Coeli, Verificationibus, Revolutionibus & Directionibus. Wittemberg, 1556 Digitalisat BSB Munich; Johannes Schwertel, 1573 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Johannes Garcaeus: Tres Tractatus de Tempore, Wittenberg 1563-65
    Secundus tractatus de tempore, sive de ortu et occasu stellarum fixarum ad quodlibet temporis momentum. Wittemberg, Johannes Crato, 1565 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Lucas Gauricus: Ephemerides recognitae et ad unguem castigatae. Venice, Lucantonio Giunta, 1533 Digitalisat FDU Sevilla; Digitalisat IMSS Firenze
  • Lucas Gauricus; Regiomontanus, Johannes: Tractatus astrologiae iudiciariae de nativitatibus virorum et mulierum, Noribergae, 1540 Digitalisat der BSB Munich; Digitalisat FDU Sevilla
  • Lucas Gauricus: Super diebus decretoriis (quos etiam criticos vocitant) Axiomata. Isagogicus astrologiae. Rome, Valerius Doricus, 1546 Digitalisat IMSS Firenze
  • Lucas Gauricus: Tabulae de primo mobili quas directionum vocitant. Rome, Antonius Bladus, 1557. Digitalisat FDU Sevilla
  • Cyprian Leowitz: Eclipsium omnium ab anno Domini 1554 usque in annum Domini 1606 accurata descriptio & pictura, ad meridianum Augustanum ita supputata. Augsburg, Philipp Ulhard 1556 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Cyprian Leowitz: Ephemeridum novum atque insigne opus ab Anno Domini 1556 usque in 1606 accuratissime supputatum. Augsburg, Philipp Ulhard 1557 Digitalisat BVPB Madrid
  • Paracelsus: Prognosticatio Ad Vigesimum quartum annum duratura. Augsburg, Heinrich Steyner, 1536 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Paracelsus: De Praesagiis, Vaticiniis & Divinationibus Astronomica item & Astrologica Fragmenta lectu jucunda & utilia. ed. Gerhard Dorn, Basel, Petrus Perna, 1569 Digitalisat BSB Munich
Hickey's opus
  • Caspar Peucer: De Dimensione Terrae Et Fontibvs Doctrinae Longitvdinis Et Latitvdinis Locorvm. Peter Seitz Wittenberg, 1550 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Caspar Peucer: Elementa Doctrinae De Circvlis Coelestibvs, Et Primo Motv, VVittebergae, Officina Cratoniana 1551 Digitalisat BSB Munich
  • Caspar Peucer: Commentarius de praecipuis divinationum generibus. In Quo, A Prophetis, Avtoritate diuina traditis, & a Physicis coniecturis, discernuntur artes & imposturae Diabolicae. Wittenberg 1553; Bonaventura Faber, Zerbst 1591 Digitalisat BSB Munich

Astrologers of Antiquity

Historical Chart Collections

In "Liber de exemplis centum genituarum" you find an extensive charts collection
  • Johannes Garcaeus: Astrologiae methodus in qua secundum doctrinam Ptolemaei, exactissima facillimaque Genituras qualescunque judicandi ratio traditur. Heinrich Petri, 1570; 1576 Digitalisat FDU Sevilla
  • Lucas Gauricus: Tractatus astrologicus. Venice, Bartolomeo Cesano for Curtius Troianus Navo, 1552 Digitalisat BnF Gallica
  • Franciscus Junctinus: Speculum astrologiae. Symphorien Beraud, Lyon 1573; 1583 Digitalisat FDU Sevilla, two volumes; IMSS Firenze only one volume
  • (anonymus): Tabulae horoscopicae Lutheri et multorum hominum illius et priorum temporum Digitalisat BSB Munich

Notes and References