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Kepler College is a small private American educational institution based in Shoreline, Washington, offering certificates, diplomas, classes, and lectures in astrology. It attracted international attention when the state of Washington authorized it in 2000 to offer A.A., B.A. and M.A. degrees.

In the United States most accreditation is granted by external organizations sanctioned by the US Department of Education, not by the state where the college is chartered. Kepler College was unable to attain accreditation status by 2010, apparently because of its astrology focus. Because Kepler College was struggling financially as well, its Board of Trustees decided to drop its degree programs in 2010, but continued to grant degrees to students already in the program through 2012. Kepler College integrates astrology instruction with a broadly based humanities context. Most of its instruction is on-line, but it offers some programs on site.

Renaissance astronomer-astrologer Johannes Kepler

Current and past instructors and trustees include many well-known and respected astrologers. The college listed its Board of Trustees in 2012 as: Robert Hand, Chair; Nicholas Campion, Vice Chair; Suzanne Duffy-Kane (Kepler Alumni); Christine Arens; Bruce Scofield; Gloria Star; and Georgia Stathis; with Enid Newberg as President.[1]


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