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The Uroboros[1]

A branch of astrology based on the concept of reincanations-cycles. Karma is seen as the universal law of cause and effect, in which it is supposed to exist some kind of morality. Karmic Astrology believes that the horoscope can help us recognise the effects of past actions in the present life and how our present karma may affect future lives. Karmic astrology is closely related to religion and spiritual teachings. Indeed, it necessarily implies the belief in reincarnation, as the soul (everyone's immortal part) is thought to evolve from life to life - in order to perfect itself. Thus, karmic astrology is an astrology of the soul. It is the branch of astrology in which subjective experience plays the greatest role.


There are few generally valid guidelines for astrological interpretations regarding karma:


  • There is a special mportance of the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses which are associated with the water element
The Eighth House is thought to reveal past Karma
The Fourth House shows present Karma. The Imum Coeli - the cusp of the fourth house - is thought to reveal the nature of the tasks an individual will have to face in this life
The twelfth House signifies future Karma

Planets, Rulers, Signs and Nodes

  • The planet Pluto, the ruler of the eighth house together with the sign of Scorpio are thought to reveal the nature of past Karma
  • Great significance is attributed to the Moon and Saturn, the latter often being referred to as the "lord of karma"
  • The Moon's Nodes play an important role, too: The Moon's South Node represents our karmic ancestry and we are probably familiar with the themes indicated by it. On the other hand, he Moon's North Node shows our karmic aim in life, something which is likely to cause feelings of anxiety because there we cannot rely on past experiences to help us

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Based on the Topocentric House System

Notes and References

  1. Alchemical symbol of the still undifferentiated state before birth. In karmic respect, also symbolizing the cycle of succeeding lives/ chain of births (samsara)